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The Smiles on 3 Story
It all started when my daughter got married and wanted to have a photo booth at her wedding.  Because I was already paying hundreds of dollars for a professional photographer, I told her that if she wanted a photo booth then she would have to pay for it herself.  Well, she wanted it so badly she did pay for it herself.  I’m certainly glad that she did because the photo booth was a total hit!  Everybody loved it – especially me!!  In fact, before I went to bed that night I looked through the entire photo booth photo album.  Surprisingly, I have yet to look through, or print, most of the pictures the photographer I paid for took.

My main regret about the photo booth was that my daughter rented the “cheapest” booth she could get (because she couldn’t afford much.) The booth was so flimsy I was afraid that the smallest wind would blow it over. The camera it used was a cheap web cam, and the printer was a simple desk top printer.  It took forever to produce the prints, and then the attendant would cut them into strips by hand – so they would look like real photo booth prints.  Not the most professional set-up I have ever seen. However, the memories captured by this equipment are priceless.

Photography is a hobby of mine – in fact my children call me the paparazzi.  My daughter’s photo booth experience inspired me to combine my love of photography with my desire to provide individuals and businesses with a top quality photo booth experience at reasonable prices.  That’s how Smiles on 3 was born.

Our Mission
Smiles on 3 is a locally owned family business committed to providing you, our Customer, with a positive and memorable experience.  Our goal is to be the most affordable, full-service photo booth in Utah.   Our prices, value-added features, and personalized service set us apart from the competition.  No other photo booth company in Utah offers the level and variety of services that we do for the same price.  We work with you from the first point of contact, all the way through to the day of your event, to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free experience at a price that fits your budget.  You can depend on Smiles on 3 to provide an added dimension to your festivities that will make your event an experience your guests will remember forever.


The Photos 
Our photo booth uses state of the art digital technology.  This includes a high resolution 18 mega pixel digital Canon camera and a lab quality  HiTi dye sublimation printer.  Our printer produces commercial grade, archival quality prints that will stand up to water and fingerprints.  Some photo booths can take minutes to print your photos.  However, our photos are  printed in just eight seconds.  This gives us the ability to print as many photos as your group requires.  Photo strips can also be personalized to include a customized logo or text to ensure your guests remember your event forever. That’s right, we said strips… one for you and one for your guests.


The Booth
Our photo booth is 5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 8 feet tall. Why so big, you might ask?  We want you and your guests to be able to get a group shot. Why limit yourself to only 2 or 3 people in the photo?  Even with its large size, our booth is highly portable and can be setup either inside or outside.

The exterior of our booth is basic black, so it goes with any color theme you may have.  Inside the booth, we feature a full color touchscreen flat panel LED monitor.  If desired, your guests can choose between full color or black & white photo strips. A video option is also available, if you would like your guests to be able to record a short video in 1080 full HD to memorialize the event. Also, for added flair, our green screen option is available and it  can virtually transport you and your guests to a different time and place!

The Props
Props can be the difference between just a good time and an unforgettable experience. There are some people who like to dress up and let it all hang loose.  Our props can help you and your guests do just that.  We provide a wide assortment of mustaches, glasses, boas, hats, etc. We can also tailor a specific genre, motif, or style of props to fit the theme of your event.

The Service
Our main goal is to make your event as fun, festive and problem free as possible.  We help guide you from the initial consultation all the way through to the conclusion of your event, and beyond.  We are there for you in person for the entire event to make certain every thing runs smoothly and address any questions, concerns, or requests you may have.  You can rely on us to make your event a memorable one!


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